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SEXY girl on girl Omani Dance

This is a very sexy and hot dance, it  is  common in Oman and Yemen and it’s called Ma’alaya dance. This dance  involves a lot of booty shaking and I love how it’s always girl with a girl. If you really like this type of dance, I have dozen other videos I can post, just comment below.

Dancers: Unknowns
Singer: Unknowns
Song: Unknown (if you know post below)

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اضغط على الرقص العراقي والخليجي للمزيد

IRAQI Dance! (Qawliya)

This is my absolutely favorite dance, it’s usually called Qawliya dance and it’s from Iraq.

Dancer: Nouran from North Africa (not sure where exactly)
Singer: Sajeda Obied (ساجده عبيد) from Iraq
Song: khala ya khala (خاله يا خاله)

Click on OMANI DANCE and KHALIJI DANCE for more.

اضغط على الرقص العماني والخليجي للمزيد